Standing in line for hours, the bad-tempered employees, low-quality decorations, the fees usually become much more costly as time goes by. A journey to the DMV is seldom friendly or relaxing. And this is not long before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

However, if your driver’s license is soon to be expired, what would you do? Work closure also generated horrendous conditions in the DMV for many people. And that’s not the problem. (You can tell they are continuing to use the tiny paper tickets for the rest of the year.).

Driving licenses are necessary.


Jokes apart, you need your driver’s license to drive. You have to have your permission to operate a vehicle if you are in a situation where no public transports are available, and an inactive driving license will result in unwanted consequences like penalties and license suspension. If you have a driving license for commercial vehicles, you can’t work if it expires either. 


Driver’s licenses have more functions than just merely saying that it is safe to drive. Many citizens today use their driving license as their photo identity at the airport or while buying alcohol. Most do not acknowledge an outdated permit as evidence of identification.


Nowadays, retaining a license has become the standard.


It is good that most state governments understood the value of license expiration grace time. DMV workers have different requirements that are specific to each state, and this includes :


  • Facing business reopening, the DMV stayed locked. Texans will have 60 days to upgrade their licenses after the state of emergency in Texas is removed.


  • California citizens with expired driver’s licenses earned free “automatic” extensions till May 31. The latest legalization for older drivers enabled them to stretch their license for 120 more days.   Also, the state is making it convenient for individuals to seek renewal online.


  • Drivers in New York whose driving licenses ended after March 1 have now deferred until further notice.


States without any registration extensions will enable it online soon.


Stop driving if you don’t need to.


In any state that has issued exemptions for expired licenses, these extensions should not apply to individuals who do not have permission at all. If you get pulled over for being drunk, these latest licenses won’t support you. You will also subject to criminal penalties and fines.