There is a wide variety of traffic ticket findings you might have encountered when you were charged with a traffic violation. You can collect fines, a compulsory traffic school, or even a revocation of your driving privileges, depending on the fee. Fortunately, you can do some things to boost your ticket results. Here’s a rundown of the goals.



Various levels of traffic violations

The most minor and regular infringements of traffic in some states are called ‘civil infringement.’ Although that idea sounds cool, the battle of your ticket in court can be harder. In most cases, the evidence is minimized and it may be not appropriate for the ticketing officer to appear at the hearing and thus impossible to question the account of the incident.

However, the majority of states consider trafficking infringements to be offenses. Three levels of traffic violations exist:


  • “Summary” or “petty” are minor offenses like not signalizing a turn or shifting an illegal lane. These tickets can be challenged in the traffic court or employ a lawyer to help you settle them.


  • Misdemeanors, such as rash driving or driving, are punishable by a maximum prison sentence of one year and traffic ticket fines up to $1,000 or $2,000, depending on where you live. You have the right to prosecution and the right of counsel.


  • Felony crimes can lead to serious ticket results, including one or more years in jail, and heavy fines. Examples of criminal offenses include hit-and-run collisions and repeated DUI arrests. Contact a prosecutor if you are convicted of a criminal breach of traffic.


Possible consequences of the traffic ticket

You won’t face prison time unless you are accused of a serious offense. A judge cannot give you regular tickets to prison. Most citizens are faced with one or more of the following effects.

Penalty fee

Routine traffic tickets are normally charged between $75 and $500, and a variety of states take the driving record into account before calculating ticket fines. Normally, the fine sum is written in your quote. As it is more difficult for the state to contest your ticket in a traffic court, it is the fastest way to pay your fine. However, when you pay your fine, you plead guilty to the breach and it will in most cases be part of your record for three years.

 School of Traffic

Judges in most countries will require you to attend traffic school for some violations. In most countries. You may also pair a fine school with a traffic school to delete the violation from your driving record. This may be one of the most appealing results, in particular if you have one or more tickets beforehand and you are worried about how this ticket will affect your insurance rates.

Suspension of license

For infringements such as red light or speeding, most people would not lose their license for 1 or 2 traffic violations. There is, however, a very strong chance that your license will be revoked for a while if you have 3 or more breaches in three to five years or have been charged with drunk or reckless behavior.

A traffic lawyer will clarify your choices and help you to settle on a course of action if you face serious traffic ticket results.