What the long-term implications of the historical coronavirus pandemic are not obvious. The tragic result is that many people in Massachusetts have to consider declaring insolvency.


Attorney Neil Burns remembers that Chapter 7 filings saw a drastic spike after federal bankruptcy legislation was revised in 2005. When the 2008 crash took place, Attorney Burns and his business filed for families so many bankruptcies in the months and years afterward. The “fresh start” law has proved helpful in any wave of defaults.

Unemployment and the Massachusetts and Coronavirus

Many citizens will survive on their savings and different unemployment insurance systems, government, and the federal government. Some people aren’t going to be. Specific individuals don’t apply for the services unless they are intermediate. Some people need more money. Some individuals are not entitled to personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 because their household income is not unemployed.

 This is tough. It isn’t effortless. You can retain a lawyer if, during the coronavirus pandemic, you cannot pay your creditors in the course of employment.

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Because of Coronavirus and Medical Expenses

In 2018 a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve found that 40% of families will not find $400 in an emergency. Despite mass-health, many people in their families who become sick or are afflicted by the disease may need to file here in Massachusetts for bankruptcy protection.

 Medical bills in bankruptcy usually cannot be discharged. Even other consumer bills are like that. There is no question on what government legislation or the state rules you should pass so you should be ready for an experienced bankruptcy lawyer if you have major debt and inadequate assets and revenue to repay

Coronavirus and the Use of the Pension Money

In periods of financial distress, people accumulating debts also use retirement reserves. We will recommend meeting the bankruptcy lawyer BEFORE, so most pension plans are safe from bankruptcy creditors. However, if the money is removed, the creditors consider them to be “reachable” properties.

Again, we suggest you prepare for bankruptcy. And we offer a free advisory service!

Attorney General of Massachusetts Aid Debtors Amid COVID-19

On 27 March 2000, Massachusetts Procurator-General Maura Healey, passed regulations, which will last 90 days or before the Governor lifts the emergency situation.

First of all, there can be no new consumer debt litigation under the order of AG. That is to say; they cannot prosecute you until at least June 27 if you have a late credit card. While filing any bankruptcy, collection “stays” provides people with even more respite as there is no new litigation.

Secondly, debt collectors cannot contact you at home or in your office or attempt to visit you at home or at work (unless you call them first or an individual trying to collect their debt). This, too, offers a more breathable place for debtors as Burns & Jain also gets in touch with a fresh notice “thrown at the door” when a court is coming.

 There are also additional limits on wage and vehicle change.

35 years of Practical Experience of Bankruptcy Burns & Jain

In chapter 7, personal bankruptcy lawyer Neil Burns represents debtors since 1985. We served consumers across Massachusetts’ bankruptcy districts.

The bankruptcy of persons is more than just completing a form. You must prepare. You must plan. You must know the law to prepare. The law is complicated but can be extremely advantageous for people who need a new beginning.