Amidst the current pandemic and growing unemployment, certain citizens might be looking for any cheap housing options. If you have signed a lease and are thinking of breaching it, you should realize that the pandemic would not offer an exception to the lease conditions without explicit permission from the landlord or local laws.


Leasing conditions and state rules


The clauses of each contract can vary because one person may have different lease terms from another person. Your lease can involve the following: 


  • Give proper notice before you vacate the property.


  • Agree to pay the fee.


  • Hold all deposits.


The tenant laws differ from city to city and state to state, so it is necessary to search for local and state laws before breaking a tenant’s agreement. If you do not consider guidance, you may be on the hook for massive payment for the lease duration.


In the face of the health effects that resulted from COVID-19, states including New York have placed moratoriums to avoid evictions. Cities like San Jose and Santa Monica have briefly postponed rent charges. The CARES Act, which will include greater security for landlords and additional relief in rent payment, has yet to be enacted.


If you are uncertain if there are any special tenancy rights in your state, you should check the state’s laws and community orders online, or a local landlord-tenant solicitor may assist you in understanding the potential choices.


Solutions to Violating a landlord-tenant Contract


If you have questions regarding your income level to pay your rent or to move on with the lease agreement, there are potential measures you may take before you try to discontinue a lease. 


Tenants may request to their landlord about discounts in rent or move to other payment arrangements. If you halt paying the lease, your landlord also loses their source of earnings, so they may be open to discussion regarding other options to breaking the rent.   During the pandemic, some states have granted renters the opportunity to bargain for more desirable rent terms.


In many instances, after breaching a contract, tenants are no longer expected to pay rent once a vacancy is occupied. If you can help find another occupant for the house, you will be allowed to deduct the penalty fees you may have incurred. If you would prefer to try this route, you might attempt chatting with your landowner about the problem to see if it can be sorted out.


If you are thinking of terminating a contract, an attorney will be able to protect you against the financial and legal consequences resulting from early lease termination.