In this blog, we have five comprehensive signs that your company must take steps to settle the dispute. Please note that for your particular case, this blog is not intended as legal advice. Before you take any action, a professional business lawyer such as those in the Campbell Law Group can investigate the potential for litigation. Please contact us today when you are involved with proceedings to settle your business dispute.

  1. Your favorite cost/benefit

The cost/benefit analysis should be very familiar to any business owner. The potential benefits of a specific action versus the potential and/or proven costs of such action are measured. As a company owner, you probably perform cost-benefit analyzes in your everyday business activities, for example determining whether to invest in facility upgrades or whether to lay off workers. Such cost/benefit analyses should also be carried out in situations in which a dispute is being considered. Is your litigation cost-benefit worth the money to make this profit?? If not, for example, in a dispute about a small sum of money, litigation may not be worth the money, effort, and time.

  1. You have a fair case

You have to be confident that you have a good and convincing argument against the opponent before heading to litigation. Can the case be proved in court effectively? An experienced business lawyer will evaluate the proofs and advise you about how to win your case. You may want to try additional solutions if you don’t have a good case.

3.Exhausted alternative approaches

Litigation can usually only be taken into consideration after all possible means of litigation resolution are exhausted. Should the settlement talks have failed and mediation and arbitration are unable or have failed, it will mean that the time has come to contest the case.

4.The details of the dispute do not matter to you.

It is always necessary to bear in mind that the court proceedings in the suit are public. If the essence of your conflict is sensitive or you are afraid that you will be pressured by your cost-benefit analysis to reveal details that you don’t want to obtain public attention as a result of the proceedings. If you are looking for privacy with the essence and the specifics of the conflict, mediation or arbitration may be more relevant to your case.

  1. You may gather a probable judgment

You may have an ironclad argument, but will the reward be worth it if the accused does not have any assets? Disputes are useful only because you know that the opponent will collect a judgment if you prevail. Litigation would have the money.

The decision to plead a dispute is not a decision to be taken lightly. Consult always with an experienced lawyer to help you decide the most useful way of doing your business.