For law firms and their prospective customers, spring means the release of Chambers USA’s new rankings of lawyers and legal practices. The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic this year has abruptly altered how Chambers and Associates do their job, as it has with virtually all organizations and corporations across the globe. 


Chambers has closed its London office and, in line with government health authorities’ recommendations, is postponing activities planned for March and April. The entire Chambers staff operates remotely using encrypted technologies. Chambers staff members, meanwhile, continue to do analysis and hold telephone interviews.

Timeframes for profiles of guides and content required for Global Practice Guides of Chambers remain the same. However, whenever law firms face concerns with their applications, Chambers advises them to reach out to address them. ” We are attentive to the challenges the contributors to our law firms can face and will, whenever possible, be flexible with our application deadlines,” Chambers says on its website. 

Chambers USA 2020 Date OF Publication 

In the Chambers USA 2020 Update of Leading Lawyers and Law Firms, Chambers states it is “currently on track for the next relea`1` of the rankings.”

Chambers is the most valuable source for a law firm’s comparative intelligence and is almost always part of the client’s and legal practitioners’ combination of services to learn more about a business.