What is Entertainment Law? 

Generally, Entertainment Law deals with offering legal services to people or companies in the entertainment industry involving contracts and intellectual property, mostly trademarks and copyrights. Most people do not know that their image is also a property right and as such, it can be stolen. Apart from all these, entertainment law is also associated with defamation and branding. 

Entertainment Law also deals with image infringement claims. Actors and actresses are incredibly careful with the projects they choose, and they usually vet a client before agreeing to lend their image to a good or service. There is a specific value associated with an image, and it works the opposite as well. 


Role of an Entertainment Lawyer  

The role of an entertainment lawyer is increasingly important and visible in this day of social media presence and digital advertising. People should have an entertainment lawyer at the top of their mind. One of the vital things entertainment lawyers do is examine and negotiate contracts and deals. An entertainment lawyer is also expected to spend a significant amount of time meeting with their client’s other lawyers. They draft arrangements, land booking agents, or concert deals and deal with many other agreements. Not to be mistaken with the music producer, an entertainment lawyer deals with the legal formalities of an artist’s career. In some instances, entertainment lawyers must verify that their clients recognize what they sign and ensure the safety of their client’s interests.


Who are the prime clients of entertainment lawyers? 

An entertainment lawyer must be able to deal with different types of customers with different needs. Entertainment lawyers often represent actors, athletes, and other talents in individual endeavours and business opportunities such as the creation of charities, restaurants, launching clotheslines, or starting other companies in similar or different industries. Singers can shift from actors and actors to singers.


When should someone seek an entertainment lawyer? 

An artist should consult with an entertainment lawyer before signing any contract to properly understand the terms and conditions of the contract and the scope. Even contracts that seem to have the best interests of artists in mind may have peripheral undesirable consequences. A songwriter, or a producer, for instance, should take help from an entertainment lawyer to mainly protect their intellectual property and negotiate their contract for all different reasons.


What are Intellectual Property Rights? 

Intellectual Property Rights are the result of human creation like innovation, designs, business models, logos, songs, poetry, signs, labels, products, etc.  It allows their owner to profit from their product truly. It prohibits someone from stealing any creation from the original creator without their permission. If anyone copies or steals a creation from the original creator, then they can be sued legally.