Crisis response techniques will bring a comparative benefit to law firms while they try to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Crisis management is not a straightforward task, even with some ‘standard operating procedure’ on the table. When it comes to their own business and business growth, recovery requires support and often neglected lawyers’ strength.


While attorneys have traditionally seen communication as a burden, it has been shown that visibility creates credibility with existing and new customers. To minimize the financial risk of the COVID-19 crisis, law firm leaders develop new competitive advantages to come out stronger and embrace communication as a form of persuasion stand. 


Below are the five methods to handle and prepare the company for recovery from the current crisis, including: 


Endure the temptation to respond; 


Create and benefit from others from a tracking protocol; 


Establish risk assessment-based action plans; 


Develop models for communications; and 


Repurpose your work and drive your profit from your credibility   


The big picture during crisis management is important for law firm leaders. It would be wise to take lessons from this experience to create new standards and procedures that help ensure sound decision-making and enable you to differentiate your organization