There are frightening auto crash statistics in today’s world. This is an alarming situation. In 2017, 939 people died in red-light running accidents, resulting in a double-digit annual rise.


85% of the drivers surveyed said that hitting a red light was very risky, but nearly a third had indeed tried it in the last month. According to police, 8 in 10 young adults do not believe the police can prohibit them from committing this crime. It is against the law, and if a driver is included in a dangerous crash, it might even send them to imprison.”


The Legal Test/Testimonial


If you run a red light, that is a serious crime. Going above the speed limit, even accidentally, could result in liability lawsuits from the authorities because it is seen as engaging in a criminal activity called negligence per se. A vehicle involved in a car collision will be held responsible for their injuries per se, whether they were reckless by hitting the red light before the wreck.


Many states have made it clear that whether a defendant is negligent in the plaintiff’s injury or damages, his duty of care is conclusively defined. Many states do not have a legal remedy to victims until a plaintiff may prove that a criminal violated the law. A traffic record may help prevent an accident or determine whether the driver is responsible for causing the accident.


Preventing a Collision


Finding the appropriate answer will be difficult during a claim of damages. However, providing enough proof that one side ran a red light helps. Drivers that run through red lights rather than stopping are making a hasty choice, which puts their life at stake along with others. 


Be sure that while driving, you stop hitting red lights to increase the chance of avoiding an accident.


Get ready to halt: Lift your foot off the accelerator and “cover the brake” when planning to enter any crossing point by placing your right foot over the brake pedal without touching it.


Use sound judgement:  Identify and review “stale” green lights before approaching an intersection. They will begin to look yellow at the traffic lights.


Press on the brakes: Press the brakes a bunch of times until thoroughly applying the pressure to slow down. This will get other drivers attention so that they will be careful behind you.


Drive protectively: Before you enter a crossing point after the light has turned green for you, take a moment after the light changes and see both ways before continuing.


If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident caused by someone breaking a red light, contact an expert personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.